I am a consultant in team development and a team coach. This focus on and dedication for high-performing executive teams grew steadily throughout my previous professional background: 8 years as a consultant in organizational transformation, 5 years as a consultant in branding and strategy and 13 years as a co-founder and CEO of the largest market research company in the country – GfK Romania.

During all these years I worked with hundreds of local, regional or international teams, as a member, leader, facilitator or consultant. The consulting interventions were mainly in the areas of leadership styles, building trust, conflict resolution, aligning on vision, mission, values and strategy, embedding new leadership, understanding multi-cultural approaches to team performance, management team formation and so on.

In recent years I worked for entrepreneurial and corporate teams of clients like Amber Studio, Bosch, Counsel Group Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank Technology, eMAG, FintechOS, Impetum Group, Kaufland, Morphoza, Pfizer, Romcim, Secom, Synevo, Vodafone etc.

Other experiences that helped me understand better the world in which executive teams have to perform into:

In 2002 I took part in the “GfK Excellence Team” program where, together with 14 other GfK managers from around the world, we redesigned the Corporate Values of the GfK Group worldwide.

In 2005 I was selected as an Eisenhower Fellow in USA, alongside other 25 fellows from different countries, to be part of the 3-months Multi Nation Program of Eisenhower Fellowships (https://efworld.org).

Between 2012 and 2016 I was a member of the Resourcefulness Advisory Board of the OMV Group in Vienna. In 2015-2016 I acted as the Chair of the board. The board was advising the OMV Group on global corporate responsibility and sustainability issues.

Academic experience

I am an Adjunct Lecturer in the Executive MBA Program of Maastricht School of Management (MSM), teaching a leadership course for MSM Romania since 2013. In 2017 and 2018 I taught the “Corporate Responsibility & Ethics” course for MSM Azerbaijan, Iran and China. (http://www.msmromania.org).

Since 2016 I am co-founder, dean and team coach at The Entrepreneurship Academy in Bucharest, the first university of its kind in South-Eastern Europe (http://www.entrepreneurship-academy.ro), a partnership with Team Academy – University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam (teamacademy.nl).